Discover How To Make Luxurious Homemade Soaps From Scratch Right From The Comfort of Your Own Home!

Your skin absorbs everything you use on it…why not learn to treat your skin with luxurious Homemade Soaps?

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Dear Friend,

If you’re concerned by the long list of ingredients plastered on labels of store bought skin care products, then you’re not alone.
My journey into soap making began with the concern I felt every time I read the back of skincare packaging.
On top of that there was a constant barrage of new research warning against the use of some of those very ingredients I had thought were questionable in the first place. Ingredients, it turned out, that I was using on my skin on a daily basis.

Quite scary when you think about it!
Blend that fear with my knowledge of skin care (I have over 14 years in the skin care industry) coupled with 2 years of naturopathic training, and I knew I couldn’t ignore what the manufacturing giants turned a blind eye to
I knew the that herbs, aromatherapy and cold pressed oils were a much more skin friendly alternative to commercial soaps that strip all of the good ingredients from the soap making process and on-sell them to other corporations for profit…Leaving consumers with bars of soap that strip their skin’s of natural oils and are filled with cheap fragrances.

Is it any wonder that so many soap users have been left with allergic, itchy or sensitized skins?

So… besides getting angry at the manufacturing giants’ cost cutting antics, I found that learning how to make my own soaps was really my only alternative if I was serious about my own skin health, what I was applying to it ,and what was being absorbed by it each and every day.

Making your own soap may sound scary if you’ve never tried it before…

I mean where do you even start? However,with a little guidance, I found it easier than I originally imagined. More than that…soap making opens up a whole new world of opportunities for you

Getting involved in soap making doesn’t only allow you to take charge of what’s going onto your skin…it also unleashes a fascinating, enjoyable and creative hobby that’s fun and…more than a little addictive.

And, unlike hard, boring, store bought soaps, homemade soap has personality
soap 16
Handmade soap is softer on the skin and feels much more luxurious than mass produced soaps. If you’re after a natural alternative to commercial soap…making your own soaps will help you create nourishing, soothing and fragrant bathroom products…without the harmful additives!

So, in an effort to share the sense of joy and personal satisfaction gained from making your very own Homemade Soaps I created Homemade Soaps Made Simple. This is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to creating your very own high quality soaps, for fun and/ profit.

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Within the pages of Homemade Soaps Made Simple you’ll discover:

  • Discover where to source the highest quality soap making ingredients that your skin,as well as your senses,will love!
  • Soap making techniques that will see you making your very own indulgent and delicious handcrafted soaps…By the end of this e-Book you’ll have a very clear understanding on all of the main soap making methods such as cold process, hot process,whipped process, liquid soap and melt and pour soap making (includes relevant illustrations for the more visual learner)...Expect your bathroom to be transformed from clinical and clean to a heavenly spa sanctuary!
  • Easy melt and pour techniques (for the more time deprived novice soap makers)…this technique is simple and safe enough to use with children
  • Insider tips to help you get exactly the right soap making equipment
  • Warning! Don’t start your soap making journey without reading this comprehensive cautionary measures section-this vital information will keep you and your loved ones protected from ingredients that can be harmful if consumed or handled improperly
  • The REAL difference between commercial bars and Homemade Soaps
  • Secrets exposed on how to achieve eye catching soap presentation and packaging-This section highlights how to make your packaging Stand Out and explains how to source your packaging for a fraction of the cost
  • Reveals how to calculate  your costs for maximum profitability…includes a clear chart which gives you the formula on How to Set Prices for your soap bars-this will leave you with cash in your pocket and a viable business versus lots of hard work for no gain
  • Explains Where and How to Sell your Soaps
  • Includes a Saponification Chart for perfect soap batches-each and every time
  • Never say the words “I’ve done everything right, why did my soap go wrong?” again…This eBook includes a comprehensive troubleshooting section that answers all of the common beginner soap making mistakes and how to avoid or fix them.
  •  Essential techniques for making handcrafted soap that will  WOW your friends and family!...By learning the techniques in this easy to follow eBook, you’ll never have to give another generic store bought commercial soap gift again…Imagine being able to take the cost out of gift giving by preparing big batches of homemade soap, ready to give to friends and family during the festive season…And..Don’t be surprised if you suddenly become very popular and in demand…I warned you!  :)

Whether you wish to capture your slice of the Handmade Soap market or simply want to make soap for personal use or as an occasional gift


I never thought making my own soap could be so simple...Now I'm hooked!

I've never made soap before & was a little nervous about the process but
 Homemade Soaps Made Simple  gives you everything you need to know to make amazing
handcrafted soaps. 
I'm really glad I bought it because I've wanted to stop using  store-bought bars 
for a long time.They were leaving my skin feeling dry and uncomfortable. 
The instructions in this eBook are very clearly illustrated which makes
 the soap making process very easy. Can't wait to start on my  next batch
 & may even start using some of the ideas on how to Profit from Soap Making
 -Matt Fraser, Strathfield,NSW

Homemade Soap Made Simple, effectively teaches you everything you need to know to get started as a Homemade Soap maker, in a clear and simple fashion.

The advice and tips throughout this eBook make it an invaluable companion for anyone embarking into soap making-either as a hobby or secondary income

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Bonus 1: Homemade Sugar Scrubs Made Simple (valued at $17)


Here you’ll learn how to:

  • Create beautiful smelling sugar scrubs from ingredients available in your kitchen cupboard
  • Discover how to create beautiful gift packs with this additional bonus and take your gift giving to a whole new level
  • Learn how to custom make your scrubs to achieve the texture,feel and smell of body scrub you most desire…and its all 100% natural

You will also receive


Bonus 2: Passion Driven Prosperity: How to Make Instant Money by doing anything you love    ( valued at $27.95)

  • This is for those of you out there who really want to take their new found hobby and turn it into money
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But I want to let you know about my personal guarantee:

I am so convinced that you’ll enjoy Homemade Soap Made Simple as well as the joy and pride of creating your very own fabulous handcrafted soaps, that in the very unlikely event, Homemade Soap Made Simple doesn’t measure up to your expectations, you will be provided with a no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee. I simply ask that you read and test the techniques in this eBook at your own leisure, and if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply send through an email within 60 days and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund…In fact I wouldn’t want your money if you’re not happy with the quality of my eBook!

So essentially this purchase is risk free! You either love Homemade Soaps Made Simple or you get a full refund!


After reading Homemade Soaps Made Simple I decided to trial a couple of the
 soap making methods as a way of personalizing gifts for friends and family.
My soaps were more than very well received! 
At first I thought they were just being nice but they keep asking me
 to hurry up and make another batch! :)  I'm having a ball making these soaps.
 Never knew I was so creative. 
 And I will never use a commercial soap again!
Why would I?... when I can create such incredibly scented,
luxurious handmade soaps of my own?
 And my skin loves me for it. 
-Mercedes Sarmini, 38,Sydney, Australia


So what are you waiting for?

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P.S.Unleash your creative side, save money, avoid potential hazardous additives in commercial soaps (for both you and your family), and learn how to turn this new hobby into a second income stream or business venture!

P.P.S – Remember,your purchase is RISK FREE! I stand behind my work – try Homemade Soaps Made Simple for a full 60 days and if you don’t find that it was everything you hoped for, then I’ll return your money – NO QUESTIONS ASKED!